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 ashwin arora

Ashwin Arora - KJ Sommaiya

 I was very keen to gain the knowledge in Finance field, a friend of mine referred me to Equity edge to gain some basic and advance knowledge in the field of Equities. I contacted the EquityEdge team through website and they arranged a demo lecture for me. The demo lecture was so insightful, I right away decided to take full time admission as a student in Equityedge and after few classes only I realized equity is my spirit animal. During my course I got an opportunity to  intern with EquityRight and they provide 100% assistance in placement. 

Chinmay Baraskar-Chetana's

 I am Chinmay Baraskar currently pursuing an MBA from CIMR. Being a fresher in this field I didn't had much knowledge about the equity market. I then decided to do a course which will help me in getting detailed knowledge about this field. Equity edge is a platform that will help students who want to build their career in Equity field.. I was lucky to attend the sessions which helped me developed my knowledge about Equity. The mentor's over there are very generous and dedicated to their field. Equity edge not only provides knowledge but also helps you in preparing yourself to become an analyst. I was lucky that I got an opportunity to work as an intern at Equity Right which has helped me a lot 

Siddesh Rane-CIMR

 i have been curious of equity field and therefore i started invested in small quantities but  was lacking the knowledge about the various analysis before investing in a company. Therefore after a bit of research i came across Equity edge which gives in depth knowledge about how to evaluate a company on the basis of its financials. I got in touch with them and was scheduled for a demo lecture which was really insightful and made me realize about the path i need to walk on.. The lecture was quite  exhilarating  and really informative in depth.

Gitisha Dhakan-CIMR

  I have completed my graduation in accounting and finance and currently doing my PGDM through Chetana’s Institute of Management and Research.  During the course  i got an opportunity to attend a session of Equity Edge which has been very informative and helpful in developing better knowledge and skills about the research field. It helps to evolve as a research analyst and boost your confidence. 

Yogesh Neve-Chetana's

 I am Yogesh Neve, currently pursuing MMS from CRKIMR. I am a fresher in field of equity. .  You cannot drive a car without having proper guidance. Similarly you cannot enter into equity research without having equity edge. Equity edge provides you an edge over the other people. Equity edge will not only provide you the direction towards your goal, but also will take you to the ultimate target. I attended the lecture of EquityEdge, and it was knowledge booster for me. The faculties allows us to get more practical exposure. 

Pratik Gaikwad-CIMR

 I am Pratik Gaikwad currently pursuing an MBA from CIMR.I had some knowledge about equity field but I used to lack required skills in it . I decided to do a course which will help me in developing my skills. After the  research about various courses and I got to know about Equity edge. This course help me to build my career in research field. I was lucky to attend few sessions of Equity Edge it provided a right direction to enhance my skills and work efficiently this field as an analyst. I am sure it would be beneficial for all who want to build a career in the equity research field.