Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.


1. What does an equity research analyst do?

Ans: Well, Equity research is the study of equities or stocks for the purpose of investments. Equities comprises a big portion in any company’s capital and shareholders need to know whether to stay invested in the company or sell the shares and come out. As an Individual it is time consuming to do equity research i.e. to study the company, its financial statements, understanding various ratios and take a decision about investment exactly for the same reason. 

2. Why should I do this program?

Ans:  To add practical knowledge in your skill sets and explore how the industry works.

3. Who should join this program?

Ans: Any graduate (Commerce, Engineer etc.), undergraduate (commerce Student) or post graduate (MBA, MCOM) student can pursue this course. Working professional who wish to improve their job prospects in equity research field can also join this program. Basically anyone who have a thirst for knowledge can join this program.

4. Can I get a job after completing this course?

Ans: Once you done with this course successfully, we will provide 100% placement assistance with networked resources.

5. What is the fee?

Ans: A candidate is required to pay Course Fees depending on the course he selects and all fees are inclusive of all taxes. Three Installments options are available and candidate can pay via cash, cheque or demand draft.


6. What will be the timing of the lectures?

Ans: Normally, 3 hours lecture will be there on weekends. Moreover to understand trading and to give practical knowledge, some lectures will be there on weekdays as well.

7. What all areas will get cover during the course?

Ans: 1. Introduction to Equity Analysis and investing

2. Understanding of Financial statements 

3. Basic and Advance evaluation of Business Model

4. Analyst tools and usage

5. Ratio Analysis

6. Financial Model

7. Governance and Ethics

8. Stock Analysis Technique

8. How many students are there in one batch?
Ans: The strength of the batch is 10. Because we deeply focused to create value for all students, small investors and others. And our mentors guide each and every student personally to help them gain better understanding.

9.   Career Paths in Equity Research?

Ans: Junior Associate (1 -2 years) > Senior Associate (1-2 years) > Analyst (1- 2 years) 

> Sr. Analyst > Sector Head > Research Head