Certification in Fundamental Equity research

INR 39,999

 A comprehensive and dynamic professional certification course

in Equity research.

One course to rule them all...

Course Modules


Module 1

Introduction to Equity Analysis & Investing, Stock Market Basics & Role of Buy Side and Sell Side

•Company Analysis-Qualitative Dimensions

•Company Analysis-Quantitative Dimensions

•Banking Sector Terminology

•Basic Use of Excel & Techniques

•Qualities of a good Research Report

Module 2

Financial Statements

Understanding Financial Jargons

•Overview on NSE BSE MCX etc.

•Understanding Income statements

•Balance sheet Analysis

•Cash flow Analysis

•Brief on various software’s

•How do capital Markets work worldwide

•Fundamental vs. Technical Analysis Top down and Bottom up Approach

Module 3

Basic and advanced Evaluation of Business Model & Learning Industry Analysis

Industry & Company Analysis

•Macro & Micro Aspects in relation to stock markets

•Markets dynamics wrt. IIP, Inflation, PMI, Monetary Policy etc.

•Correlation & Covariance Analysis

•Financial Terminology such as Buy back, Bonus, Corporate Actions etc.

Module 4

Analyst’s tools & usage

Quarterly Results Analysis

•Annual Report Analysis

•Management Discussion

•Directors Reports

•How to read Company Annual Report & DRHP

•NPV & IRR Rules


•Demand Supply & Elasticity concepts

•Comparative Analysis

•IPO Analysis

Module 5

Ratio Analysis

Decoding various Ratios

•Ratio Analysis e.g. ICR, Debt Equity, Pat margin, Debtors Equity etc

•Step Wise DuPoint Analysis

•Sharpe & Treynor Ratio, Alpha & Beta Analysis

•PE, EPS, ROI, ROA Analysis

•Capital Budgeting & Cost of Capital        

•Capital Asset Pricing Model

•Weak form, semi strong form and strong form market efficiency   


Module 6

Financial Modelling

Discounted Cash Flow Approach

•Time value of Money                    

•Forecasting Techniques

•Revenue Builders

•Building the asset and depreciation schedule

•Building P&L & Balance Sheet

•Building Assumptions & Debt Schedule

•Understanding FCFF, FCFI

•Building Capex Schedule

•Decoding Ke, Kd & Kp with WACC

•CAPM and its understanding   


Module 7

Governance & Ethics

•Evaluating         Management

•Corporate Governance

•Quantitative Analysis

Module 8

Equity Analysis

Stock Analysis Techniques

•Stock Portfolio model

•Descriptive Statistics Models

•Understanding Standard Deviation & Variance

•Understanding CAL, SML & CML equations

•Markowitz Modern portfolio model

•Skewness, Kurtosis & Range

•Net Asset Value Analysis

•Canslim Model by William J.ONeil

•Relative & Comps Techniques

•Dividend Discount Model

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